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‘Hale’s Angels’ Netball Team


The Law Society has a number of sports teams for students of any ability to get involved in. Currently, the Law Society runs successful Netball and Badminton teams. These teams are open to all within the Law Faculty and beyond and will compete in the intramural leagues and various other tournaments.

Sports teams within the Law Society are a great way to get to know more people within law and gain valuable friendship and advice from students from other years. In addition to regular exercise and a welcomed break from the books, the sheer amount of fun during matches and socials are a great way to gain essential communication and teamwork skills which are sought after by employers. Additionally, the Committee assists with procuring sponsorships from the local law firms for the teams and this creates good networking opportunities between firms and team members.

Annual Banners Tournament

In the Spring, we hold the annual charity Banners Tournament held in honour and memory of Arijit Bannerjee, a former student of our Law Faculty who passed away from mental health issues. The Banners Tournament usually consists of netball, football, and rugby, although this varies year to year. This is a great event to raise money for charity and bring together students of all disciplines, staff, and firms to support a good cause.

Join a Team

LawSoc Netball- ‘Hale’s Angels’

LawSoc Badminton

LawSoc Football

Should you be interested in joining or creating a team or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact the current Sports Officers.

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Banners Tournament 2017