The University of Southampton Law Society was established over 10 years ago as a method of ensuring the welfare of law students at the University of Southampton. Since then, it has continuously evolved and developed, growing larger and diversifying its interests.

The University of Southampton Law Society is primarily a representative body for law students at the University of Southampton, although we have a strong non-law student body, helping them to find their way into a legal career path.

The Society is also a vehicle for providing careers opportunities for its members, hosting law firm presentations, skills workshops and drop-in sessions, and arranging visits to law firms in the form of exclusive open days. We aim to have non-law career contacts too, for law students who have decided that a law career is not for them.

The Society organises many social events over the year, including themed nights, cocktail mixers and formal balls, as well as educational trips both in England and abroad.

There are several USLS sports teams for the intra-mural leagues, including football, netball, and hockey. We also hold a sports day every year in memory of a law student that passed away whilst studying at Southampton.