Committee Election Manifestos 2019

It is now the time to vote for your LawSoc committee for next year.

The election will close on 20th March at Midnight.

Results will then be announced at the Election Night in Orange, in a joint event with Inns and the Canadian Law Society and we’ll have a bit of money behind the bar (subject to availability). Find the facebook event here

Vote in the election: here





Communications Officer

Social Sec x 2

Sports Rep x 2

Outreach Officer

Non-Law Rep


Zoe Hunt

Having held the position of Law Society Social Sec for the past year, I have been deeply involved in organising popular key events on the society’s social calendar which have been enjoyed by society and non-society members alike. Organising the Law Christmas Ball alongside the Presidents of Law Soc and Inns of Court last December has given me first hand experience of the wide role a President plays in a society successfully representing over 100 members. The Law Society has had a fantastic year, but I want to make this year even better by pursuing these key aims: Improving Communication to Members – the committee is here to serve you and your interests, so maintaining clear, and importantly, consistent communications about events is key in ensuring nobody misses out. I aim to carry this out by creating an Open Calendar accessible to all members which will include the dates of all of our events throughout the year, allowing you to plan your time around attending some of the biggest and best events the society has seen. Not only this, but increasing the society’s presence on social media will further our reach and attract more non-law members to create a more diverse society. Ensuring better exposure to Law Firms and alternative Careers in Law – whilst it’s imperative the society maintains its great connections with International Commercial Law Firms, I believe many members would benefit from better communications with Regional Law firms and Companies with graduate opportunities ideal for Law Students. Organising a wider range of Socials – this will be from bar crawls ending in Sobar or Jesters, to Pizza & Prosecco networking nights and our most popular glamourous Balls! This will allow new members to get to know existing members better, continuing the supportive network the society is proud of. I believe that with these aims, myself and the next committee can ensure that members get the most out of their membership and will make it clearer than ever to new members what they will be getting for their membership! Having had experience at the some of the most prestigious Law Firms in London, I have been immersed in the highly pressurised and competitive environments of these firms, which has not only prepared me for the intense role of Law Society President, but has given me a host of great connections which will help to strengthen the society’s relationship with our sponsors. So if, like me, you want to see the society do more for its members, help to maintain that vital work-life balance, and give you the best possible kickstart to your future careers, vote Zoe for President in the upcoming Law Society Elections 2019!


Gemma Wilson

I am applying for Vice President because I care about ensuring that we have a law society which people are proud to be a part of and which is helpful and informative for any students interested in the law. I am the current Outreach Officer for the law society so have had experience helping the President and Vice President secure sponsorship for the society such as the negotiation competition. I worked full time on my gap year after volunteering in Tanzania for a month, so have experience working in a team and motivating those around me. I am a perfectionist, so will ensure that the society is running effectively and that it is a helpful organisation for its members. I am also very organised and like being kept busy, so will work with the rest of the committee to check that their roles are being fulfilled properly. I am good at creative thinking and will use this to introduce interesting events. I will be a second year for the majority of the role and will therefore be (slightly) less busy than the third years and able to support the president effectively and take meetings myself if necessary. I am professional and want to make sure the society is taken seriously, yet I am also approachable and would look forward to working with the rest of the committee and its members to ensure people are satisfied with the society. I would aim to have more events in 4 core areas: Socials, Fundraising events, Academic events and Career/recruitment events. I would ensure that creative social events are being organised by the social secretaries, such as a staff and student quiz, murder mystery evening, and themed nights out. I would like to increase the work the society does with charities such as Pro-Bono charities, by holding fundraising events and potentially centralising the fundraising for the Law School Challenge in the society. I would also hold academic events such as talks from different scholars and professionals For career and recruitment events, I would work to make sure that opportunities are advertised and would work with organisations such as the University of Law and Aspiring Solicitors, as well as law firms, to provide opportunities for students. I would also aim to increase the number of firms coming to speak with students. I am really keen to hold some networking practice events, so that members have an opportunity to practice networking and feel comfortable before having to do it for real. I am passionate about promoting inclusion and diversity in law through having speakers from different backgrounds and providing a wide range of events. A priority for me would be improving communications between members by being more active on social media and increasing emails for those who do not have social media. I would also improve communications with students upon arriving at university in first year, by having a social which enables people to meet and talk. I would also aim to continue having merchandise sales and to increase the knowledge of our sports teams and encourage participation as part of the intramural leagues!


Hannah Farbon

My name is Hannah Farbon and I am currently a second-year law student looking to take over the role of Secretary within the Law Society Committee. I would be a good fit for the role as I have strong communication and organisational skills. I want to take on a supportive, administrative role within the Society to enhance both my personal skills and employability. Being the current Social Secretary for Law Society Netball, I have previous experience with positions of responsibility, organisation and time management. This role has enabled me to develop my creative and practical ability to organise different events, from meals at restaurants to fun nights out. Therefore, I am used to managing multiple tasks at once and prioritising the most important things to do. I am also a Student Intern at the Law School Pro Bono Clinic where I volunteer to provide free legal advice to other students. For this role I take minutes during meetings, undertake legal research and draft advice notes. Therefore, I have existing experience with administrative tasks. I am committed to each and every task I take on and the Law Clinic has developed my interpersonal skills through working with the other interns. As Secretary, I would create a more inclusive Committee-Member relationship by increasing accessibility. I am a great listener and therefore, open to any suggestions and ideas the Society could implement to ensure all members get their money’s worth. I am very approachable, friendly and work well with others, which I believe will be key when organising society events.

Akshita Karia

law society is considered to be an important part of the law degree. i want to help amend this society in a way that everyone enjoys and wants to be part of. it needs to be educational, helpful as well as fun for people to consider it. a secretary is someone who provides secretarial and clerical support to all parts of the society. i think i am perfect for this role because i know i have those skills because of my earlier job experience where i had to manage a retail shop. i would make sure that regular meetings are taking place, i would make sure that feedbacks are being appreciated and that something is being done about it. i would make sure that i am being able to fulfil all requirements of all the other members. i will also help other students to get involved with the society. this law society will have my full support and help in all aspects.

Joanne Savory

Hello! I am Joanne and I am running for the position of Secretary in this year’s Lawsoc elections. I am currently on a year abroad in Canada, so I will not be available to pitch at the AGM. However, I am ready to return to Southampton and help next year’s committee deliver for you!! But, why should you vote for me?  I was the Lawsoc Vice-President in 2017-2018. During this time, I strongly supported the committee, organised a trip for 15 students to the European Parliament and helped arrange the spectacular Christmas Ball at St Mary’s in 2017.  I know exactly what the role of secretary entails. I am calm, organised and responsible.  Being a final year student, I have decided to run for secretary, rather than VP again, so that I can give the role my full attention. I will be well placed to provide valuable support for the President and Vice-President.  I have seen three years of Lawsoc events. With this past knowledge and experience, I would like to make this year’s events the best yet!  It’s who you know – before university, I was a barristers’ clerk in central London. I networked with hundreds of lawyers, including Magic Circle firms and made some great connections.  Year abroad = no friends for final year. No friends for final year = better attention on Lawsoc! Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto! I can’t wait to organise your Lawsoc merch! PLEASE VOTE JOANNE


Ella Scammell

I believe that someone who holds the position of treasurer should be trustworthy, responsible and experienced. During my gap year I worked full time in a restaurant and worked my way up to being assistant manager. I had responsibilities of counting and ordering stock, cashing up and allocating funds and leading a team of people. I also have worked in an accountants firm doing many expenses summaries and profit/loss summaries. My skills with money and budgeting has enabled me to apply them to my student life – quality planning and budgeting means I can feed 2 people for a week for £25. My experience and acquired skills mean that the position of treasurer of the Law Society would be a great fit for me. However it is not just these skills that make me a great candidate – I am dedicated, punctual and appreciate the importance of attendance, and I always give everything I do my 100% attention to detail. I would like to achieve for the society financial stability and security with regards to the funding of events. I want to contribute to the smooth functioning of the society and help to ensure that everything and everyone are working well together. Finally, I want to ensure that the committee team’s vision for the society is not only an achievable and manageable one, but also a resourceful and exciting one.

Maya Peat

As treasurer of the Law Society it is my plan to fulfill the specified duties of the current position and go beyond by introducing a higher degree of commercial awareness within the Society. I would do this by hosting monthly sessions updating members on current events, and if possible having them sponsored by different law firms. I believe after being first-year representative of the Law Society this past year I have a good understanding of how it operates. This gives me insight into what works well already and what can be improved. Previous experiences such as being the President of a student-run clothing company have prepared me well seeing as it was my duty to ensure that finances were accurately recorded at all times. This is a skill I can carry over and apply into this position. I not only have the necessary skills but also possess a driven mindset crucial for the Law Society’s functioning and success.

Communications Officer

Charlie Johnson-Hall

I am applying for the role of Communications Officer because I am keen to use social media as a way of making the Law Society more inclusive by reaching more students who can get involved. Having been part of the Law Society this year I would love to see more participation and I think I can achieve this through the use of social media, the website and newsletter. I would like to actively advertise more events and opportunities that the Society offers to ensure that students are always aware of what is going on. I would also use this platform to make sure our sponsors are known to students. It is also really important to me that it is easily accessible to all students so that everyone has the chance to get involved and find out more about the Law Society. I would do this by using the instagram page again, where pictures of events can be posted and stories can be used to hold polls and Q&A’s, in order to find out what students want. I would also create a Twitter page so that more students can engage with the committee and have access to information (rather than it all being posted on Facebook). Although, for students who do not use social media, I will make sure relevant emails are sent out so they can still get involved. As well as this, I would love to revise the website and keep it more up to date. Lastly, I want to guarantee the newsletter is sent out more regularly. Overall, I am a reliable and organised individual as well as being active on social media, meaning I have experience with interacting with others in this way. I am passionate about getting more people involved and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to find out about events/opportunities which may interest them.

Alexandra McCulloch

It is so important to be constantly active and accessible online in order to stay updated with today’s world and as Communications Officer these would be my two personal priorities. I am organised and committed – key for the role’s demand to be prepared and active online. I have demonstrated these qualities over the last five years through a volunteering role which consisted of planning activities for young people and liaising with other leaders and parents, communicating through email and in person. I am also approachable and have good written skills – integral for putting together the society’s newsletter. If I were to be appointed the role I would aim to increase the Law Society’s presence online to do two things: Firstly, make the Law Society more accessible to incoming first years and new members in order to boost membership, and secondly; work together with the Law School in promoting events and opportunities, such as Law sports teams, on social media, as often it is more regularly checked than emails. As well as this I would increase the Law Society’s activity on LinkedIn to promote networking with more firms and individuals on commercial social media platform. I would also like to build a more social aspect and community feel to the society by promoting the achievements of students within LawSoc, particularly through the newsletter. This goes in hand with providing more consistency across all of the society’s social media accounts and websites which I intend to update regularly and efficiently in order to reach out to more students. I hope that, if voted as Communications Officer, my plans will have a strong, positive impact in making Law Society a more accessible community with a strong online presence and consistency across all channels.

Social Sec

Holly Chapell

I am applying for the role of social secretary because I would love to organise events as a way for people in the law society to get to know each other. I know personally starting university was very daunting and I was nervous about making friends, so I joined the law society. I would love to organise and plan a range of events that everyone can enjoy and hopefully relax and make new friends and feel part of something. I know for Fresher’s week last year there was a law bar crawl planned but I would love to see a wider range of social events such as cocktail evenings, bowling and even the cinema so that people who aren’t fans of going out can also get involved. As well as the amazing Christmas balls and summer boat balls that are held, I would also like to plan more stuff throughout the year, such as nights out, scoops or sprinkles for the evening and going for drinks. I think it is important not only to have fun over freshers and Christmas, but to also get out during term time. We all know how stressful degrees are (especially law) and I would love to use this platform as a way for people to de-stress and forget about their work for the night. I do think it is really important to work hard but also equally important to enjoy yourself and have fun at university. I also think it is nice for people to socialise and interact outside of a lecture hall. I like to think of myself as a friendly person and have a welcoming attitude. As cliché as it sounds, I do enjoy making people happy and having fun. Overall, I’m highly organised and experienced in engaging with a wide range of people due to my old job as a sales assistant. I am excited about arranging more social events for everyone to enjoy and to give people the opportunity to make new life-long friends.

Sports Rep x 2

Martina Ferro

I would like to introduce more sporting societies to Law (e.g. netball or football) as it seems to be the only degree that does not have any. Myself and Emily Venning will work together in organising friendly matches and socials in order to add some enjoyment to our Law degree. We will also have really peng kits.

Lauren Gray

I am a current member of first team mixed lacrosse and hope to bring my enthusiasm for sport to the Law Society. I am able to engage with a wide range of people and hope to be a friendly face that can encourage others to get involved with Law Society Sports. I hope to increase publicity of the Law Society sports by creating a profile online to promote awareness of the sports the Law Society offers. I also intend to make more sports teams available for the Law Society, such as mixed lacrosse to create a larger variety and increase participation amongst students. By fulfilling my manifesto I believe it will attract more membership to the Law Society.

Lucas Moran

What I would like to achieve – Increase the exposure and support for sports teams within the law society – Actively encourage participation in sport throughout the law society by more actively promoting the opportunities the intra-mural league offers – Work closely with other members of the committee to showcase the achievements of Law Society sports teams. – Increase the range and diversity of sports in which the law society is involved. // Why would I be a good fit for sports rep? I would be a great fit for a law society sports rep as I have a passion for sport and believe that students engaging with the competition sport offers is vital to creating a vibrant and enjoyable experience for members of the law society. I have played football and cricket regularly from an early age and I have already taken part in both of these in my first year at university. I also have experience playing rugby, athletics and various other sports both in and out of an academic setting, and I will look to actively promote the formation and sustainability of lawsoc teams in all of these sports.

Charlie Verity

I would like to apply for Sports Rep. I feel I would suit this position well as I have played sports such as Football, Rugby and Cricket in the past. As well as this I also played a few times for the Law soc Badminton team. I am an organised person and easy to communicate with so if there were any suggestions I would be very open to listening to any suggestions. I feel the law Society should be more involved with intramural sports. With the success of the new badminton team and the current netball team, I would also form a football or rugby team from the talent that we have. It would be a pleasure to able to lead the Law Sports teams to great success.

Emily Venning

I’d like to increase the involvement of sport in law as currently there doesn’t seem to be many opportunities. A law netball team could be set up and friendly matches played against other subjects. Myself and Martina Ferro will work together to try to encourage more sport to be played within law as there is currently not much available/ anything that we have been made aware of over the last year and a half. We aim to be more social and help to make our degree more bearable by getting out of the dreary lecture theatres. It’ll be fun I promise.

Outreach Officer

Savanna Cutts

I would like to create closer connections with local firms in Southampton and bigger London law firms too in order to build a relationship between them and Southampton students. Following on from this I’d then like to invite firms to campus to do panel sessions and also talks on specific areas of law they specialise in which would be open for students to attend. I would aspire to try establish and encourage a mentoring platform with some firms, so a select few solicitors and trainees could be paired with a law student to answer any questions and be there along their journey to securing a graduate role. My central aim for the role would to build exclusive relationships between firms and Southampton Law School, and with the firms and individual students. I think I would be a good fit for this role because through doing other schemes such as Pathways to Law and Aspiring Solicitors I have had a lot of contact with many different firms, so I have a strong basis to draw on these networks and to create new ones with other firms. As well as this I have experience with emailing and talking to staff at firms so this would help me when contacting them.

Kieran Spellman

I want what every single person in our Law School shares in common. A want for the best future and career prospects. I want to heighten and maximise the prestige of Southampton Law and make a nuisance of myself in reminding firms that we are a World Top 100 Russell Group University and that top universities deserve strong associations with the top law firms. I want more accessible pathways between our students and top firms so that relationships can be established early and that students have a number of platforms available to build towards inevitably joining their chosen firm. I want to exhaust every single possible opportunity for all of us to better our prospects and applications and be able to organise unmissable events that could revolutionise our futures. I believe it would be important to have more advisory sessions with graduate recruiters, practising lawyers and even previous law school alumni on applying for training contracts, vacation schemes, work experience and any pointers on extra-curricular activities to do. Although, I would not limit extra-curricular activities to an advisory level but actively reach out to firms and individuals and organise opportunities for students outside of our law degrees to become more attractive to firms and do the heavy lifting for you. My ultimate goal is to see Southampton Law students at top/magic circle law firms, being where we deserve to be. Why I would be a good fit for this role is down to my passion for our law school and the fact my desire to ensure we are deservedly recognised as world-renowned holds no boundaries. I will take whatever measures necessary to ensure we get nothing less than we deserve at our school and will be as selfish and exploiting as possible on behalf of all us to get every single last drop out of the legal community for our benefits and careers.

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