Committee Elections

Now is that time of the year that all the society elections are taking place, and LawSoc is no different.
All the committee positions and their descriptions are listed below.

Applications will close on Wednesday 13th March at 4pm
If you apply for a position, you need to attend the AGM on Wednesday 13th March (time and location tbc).
After the meeting, the election will open and will close on Wednesday 20th March at midnight.
Results will then be announced at the Election Night taking place in Orange Rooms on Thursday 21st March.

The positions available are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Social Secretary x 2, Non Law Rep, Secretary, Negotiations Officer (non-elected), Sports Rep x 2, Communications Officer, Outreach Officer

To apply for a position fill out this form


Being President means that you are the head of the Law Society and the committee. This involves you not only ensuring sponsorship from various firms and companies with events and money, but also helping out your fellow committee members with their tasks too. You should be willing to take the lead and also listen to other people’s ideas. Communication skills are important as well as innovation too. Although the position can be very time consuming and highly pressurised, it is highly rewarding in the fact you are giving back to the society and its members. You will need to ensure that members of the committee are fully fulfilling their roles and that the society is working effectively for its members. You must be willing to meet with firms in London during your summer holidays too in order to gain sponsorship.

Vice President:

As Vice President you will assist the President in the running of the society and share many of the responsibilities, including attending sponsorship meetings with law firms over the summer. There are moments where is can be a very time consuming role, however, it is important to make sure the whole committee is involved in the planning and the carrying out of events. You can expect to write a great deal of correspondence, make announcements on behalf of the society and also good oratory skills and written communication skills will be necessary.


You will primarily be responsible for the Society’s finances by keeping track of, and allocating funds. We receive a lot of sponsorships that need to be accurately invoiced and, also run various events that need to be accurately paid for. Budgeting and accounting skills are essential and you should be familiar with basic banking. There will be times when you may need to stand your ground against fellow committee members regarding the available budget for a particular event. As a Treasurer of this society, you will demonstrate commercial awareness, something Law firms lay a lot of emphasis upon.


The role of secretary involves carrying out any administrative tasks in supporting the other members of the Committee. This involves taking minutes at meetings, booking rooms for the society’s events, and working closely with the president and academic secretary to organise events. You will also be in charge of organising and distributing our merch sales. This role also requires you to attend events and socials, which are organised by the society.

Social Secretary x 2:

As the Social Secretary you will be responsible for organising all society Socials and Balls, as well as assisting organising society careers events. You will work closely with the Communications Officer to make sure that all events are widely published to members to ensure as many attend and benefit from events as possible, and that communications about events are clear. The role will require you to communicate extensively with society members, your own cohort and potential sponsors or companies regarding social events, so you need to be approachable, highly organised, and confident speaking to or in front of people. You will need both great listening and communication skills as you take on board and implement feedback and opinions from society and committee members. You must be someone that is easily contactable, fluent on social media, committed to setting time aside to organise events and ultimately someone that enjoys social events.

Non-Law Rep:

The Non-Law Rep represents the members of the Law Society who do not study law, but who are interested in pursuing legal careers. The main responsibilities include informing and encouraging those interested in legal opportunities, offering advice to students considering applying to law school, and organising relevant events, such as the GDL taster session.

Negotiation Officer:

As Negotiation Officer, you are responsible for organising the annual Law Society Negotiation Competition. This includes promotion to ensure there are as many people involved as possible, both in terms of those with experience to judge and the participants themselves. You are responsible for running a workshop on negotiation, setting out the guidelines for the competition, and liaising with both the law firm sponsor and the national CEDR competition to secure the prizes for the winning teams. You will also act as a judge for the Competition.

Sports Rep x2:

Your responsibilities include overseeing the running of the Law Soc teams, in particular making sure captains have obtained sponsorship at the beginning of the year and are entered into the intramural league. Your role is to get people interested in the teams. The project that will consume a lot of your time is the organisation of the Banners sports tournament in March which is a massive task which involves gaining sponsorship, submitting event plans, risk assessments, booking facilities, food and trophies, and liaising with law firms, teams, charities and the Law School.

Communications Officer:

A position that has been growing as the presence of the Law Society on social media continues to expand. The candidate will be responsible for the website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Important to enjoy technology and social media. A new addition as part of this committee has been the newsletter, which summarises everything going on in the law school and has been praised by members of the law school.  It is an ever increasingly important role and one that requires the individual to be able to post or share within 24 hours as many law firms stipulate this as part of media sponsorship. This role is especially important when advertising events run by the society as it mean the difference between a success or failure.

Outreach Officer:

As the Outreach Officer you will support the Vice President and President with communications with law firms and other associations. For example, reaching out to firms to help obtain sponsorship and communicating with firms about organising events. Also, the role will include speaking with associations about sponsoring the negotiation competition and booking any speakers or other events. You will work closely with the President and Vice President when sending emails and communications. You will seek out and ask for opportunities with firms and associations for Law society members. You will need excellent written and oral communication skills and to be able to explain why the society deserves time and money from firms and associations. You must check your emails often and be able to communicate with firms and associations at short notice when asked. You must be able to positively represent the society and give a good impression.

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