Autumn Elections Manifestos

Here are the manifestos for the Autumn Elections

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First Year Rep

Social Sec

Non-Law Rep

First Law Rep

Bethen Abraham

I would be good for this role, because I am very organised and efficient. I enjoy taking on responsibility and working to improve situations. I think I would bring a new perspective to the law society and provide new and creative ideas. I would be able to put others ideas forward and help those who feel less confident to also voice their opinion in different ways. I would class myself as friendly and approachable, which is vital for this role as people need to feel comfortable confiding in their rep. I enjoy studying law and I’m passionate about the subject.

Krishney Gosai

I wish to be selected for the role of a First Year Rep for the University of Southampton Law Society as I consider myself to be a responsible, moral and studious person who values dedication, positivity and enthusiasm. Time management is really important to me and I try to use my time effectively so that I am better able to manage my studies as well as extra responsibilities. My role as an Assistant Prefect bolstered my ability to network and engage with a range of people of different age groups as it saw me represent the school at a number of open days, support young students and work alongside staff, whilst also liaising professionally with the head girl to report feedback given by pupils. In addition, I have enjoyed working as a School Librarian, where as part of a team, I have guided my peers to make worthy reading choices. This alongside the role as a Peer Mentor, has enabled me to network with a range of students, building a positive rapport and more meaningful relationship with students from younger years. Being a Peer Mentor established my integrity skills as matters are confidential. The impact of this responsibility has led to students feeling more confident. Also, at my secondary school, I volunteered on a weekly basis to be a Reading Mentor. Being a native Gujarati speaker, I was able to support children who spoke English as an additional language, which strengthened my time management skills, whilst increasing my leadership and communication skills making students more comfortable whilst reading aloud. These experiences have allowed me to work on my time management skills, and has provided the foundations of my ability to rationalise situations which require adaptability. It is through these roles, I have learnt that I enjoy helping and working with others and making small changes to improve the lives of others. Therefore, I aim to work with my peers in order to represent their interests by making sure their voices are heard. To conclude I believe that I should be selected to become a First Year Rep as I am an enthusiastic person and aim to provide a positive outlook, which this role will further enable me to do by helping students. This rewarding and insightful experience brings multiple rewards, such as communicating with students and further developing transferable skills. This role will enable me to identify the gaps of what current Law students wish to see so thereby I am able to voice their interests and report their feedback to the Law Society Committee. I understand that this role will consist of me promoting the Law Society on campus and generating a greater awareness of the aims and objectives of the society, thus enabling the Law Society to achieve its highest potential.

Maya Peat

Coming to Southampton, a city I had never been to before, from Canada has been a big but exciting adjustment in my life. The open, welcoming arms I have received from many in my time being here has greatly improved this period of familiarization. As a first year representative I would like the chance to ease these perplexing times for my peers, many of which I have met through law, some at lectures, others being members of the society. Speaking to my experience, I have founded and led two different ventures, one being a charity club, the other a clothing company. With these start-ups came many obstacles however both were successful and performed beyond their objectives. For example, Backpack Buddies, our charity club, raised over £900 and fed over 320 children weekend meals in the first 6 months. I want to be a first-year representative for the Law Society because I want a chance to work with and learn from the hardest working and most motivated group of people at Southampton.

Gemma Wilson

I was previously elected as the non-law rep for the society and, since changing to study a law degree, I now wish to put the effort in to help other first year law students to feel at home in the society and receive all of the information they need to get involved. I have worked with the other committee members before and therefore will be able to communicate with them efficiently. I believe I can help first years to have a voice on the committee. I have already assisted with the freshers bar crawl and have answered questions from first year students about the society. I therefore wish to continue to do this and ensure that first years are kept in the loop and can influence decisions.

Social Sec

Zoe Hunt

Having been a member of the Law Society for the past year and being selected for the European Parliament trip in March, I have a deep understanding of the vital role the Law Society plays in enriching the experience of students at the University of Southampton. I believe that being part of a supportive society that offers myriad opportunities for its members is key to being immersed in university life and developing softer skills that employers now look for. As a student ambassador, PASS mentor and A2S summer school e-mentor, I have had lots of experience liaising with students and staff. As a result of the industrial action at the university earlier this year, I took it upon myself to speak up and represent the views of many concerned law students in the year who wanted their questions answered. I listened to what they had to say and fed this back in a meeting with the Head of the Law School, Brenda Hannigan, where I received reassurance and answers to the students’ questions, which put students at ease during the stressful summer exam period. As social secretary, I would make it easier for members to find out about Law Society events, as well as spreading awareness of the society to non-law members via more frequent use of the society’s social media channels and website. By organising more socials for members with a wider variation of events, I believe it would allow new society members the chance to get to know existing members better, which would continue the supportive network the society is proud of. Further to this, I believe I would make an organised, fun and reliable social secretary and my negotiating experiences at Herbert Smith Freehills and A&O mean that I am well prepared to negotiate in order to achieve the best possible deals for the society. Lastly, a message that I would advocate as social secretary to society members is that besides the mountainous workload and reading list as long as your arm, there is always room to socialise and have fun! It would be a pleasure to take up the role of social secretary for the Law Society as someone who is friendly and approachable and put into action the visions of its members.

Chris Ireland

I’d like to apply for the social sec role. As the committee is to the best of my knowledge made up of all third years it would be good to have a second year perspective. Furthermore, through my role as SCL student ambassador I already have experience in arranging events for the society on campus. I would love to be able to translate skills learnt in this role into developing socials which are accessible to all students.

Antonia Parker

I have vast experience in event planning. I’ve been an independent music promoter for almost a year now. This includes booking bands, working with multiple venues, organising tours, dealing with payment, creating posters (etc). This knowledge will help towards organising fun and exciting socials for the law team! I love event planning and creating a successful end result. I’m very easy going and confident in approaching new people, which is ideal for a social rep.

Josh Pusey

I am an organised, responsible and sociable person. I would always be open to suggestions and criticism when planning events to create an inclusive environment within the Law Society so that every members’ voice is heard. I am an active member of the Law School as a Student Ambassador, and PASS mentor to the first years so would be good at communicating with both students and professors in the role as Social Secretary.

Megan Rusca

I would like to be considered for this role because I feel it would be a great opportunity to add to the social element of the Southampton law school experience. I attended some of the events last year and had very enjoyable time and I would love to be able to contribute to other students enjoyment of these events. I have worked for a few events companies in the past and have gained good communication, organisation and social skills which I feel will help me greatly in this role. My main aims would be to bring together law students from across all years of study through a more diverse range of events. In achieving these aims I feel I could make a positive change within the law society and the overall experience of studying law at Southampton.

Non-Law Rep

Katy Davies English and History

I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about myself. I am a second-year joint honour student, reading English and History, which I believe truly compliment the discipline of Law. The particular area of History which interests me is American diplomacy. With that said, I hope to specialise in the Cold War Era in third year. Furthermore, I have recently been elected as a Union Senator and I hope to run to be a member of the Debate Society next week. All of which, I know will compliment my potential position as a Non-Law Rep. I aim to provide students with valuable career advice, as often students believe that law graduates have to peruse a career as a Barrister or Solicitor, and that is simply not the case. I hope to share my experience as I navigate a mini-pupillage, insight days, and spring weeks as a non-law student. I will endeavour to record my progress, through cross-overs with the Wessex Scene, and Radio Surge. This way, I hope to make the discipline of Law accessible to various students. Ultimately, I believe many non-law students are under the impression they cannot peruse a legal career if they have not completed a law degree and as your Non-Law Rep, I aim to change that misconception through my experience, and support. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application for Non-Law Rep.

Arvin De Vera Accounting and Finance

Having to attend open days at different commercial law firms, I gained an insight into the law industry and how law firms are seeking for students from a diverse range of backgrounds. I would like to apply these learnings to my role, increasing the awareness of non-law students at the university that the legal profession is for everyone, whether you are studying a law or a non-law degree. As a current committee member of the Southampton Hub Association, I understand the importance of communication and collaboration, as well as the demands of being a committee member. I will also be the 2nd-year Course Representative for Accounting and Finance and Student Communities Zone Open Place member. Consequently, the skills that I have gained so far and the capabilities that will be developed in the future will allow me to successfully undertake my role and to effectively work with other committee members. If I would be chosen to be the Non-Law Representative of the USLS, I will make sure to be an active member of the society, participating in the meetings and discussions, to help the society to foster and to increase its membership. Also, I will ensure to work with other committee members to create opportunities for non-law students so that they could gain more knowledge in the law industry and develop new skills that will allow them to be employable in whichever career path they will pursue in the future.

Noorishah Moledina International Relations

I would love to be on the law committee because i love working as part of a team and I am always coming up with fresh new ideas! Through studying international relations, a few of my modules thus far have covered international law. Therefore even though I am not reading a law degree, I am extremely interested in law and these modules have given me a valuable insight into law. This role in the law society would also benefit me greatly as i am wanting to do a law conversion after university and being in the Law committee would give me a stepping stone into discovering the realm of law. I also have many friends in other degree courses so, as a non law rep I would be able to represent them to the best of my ability. Thank you for considering me!

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