Across legal and business sectors, as well as in politics and the media world, the alumni of The University of Law (ULaw) have used their legal expertise and qualifications to make a difference to the world.


It makes sense really. The modern world runs on law. There’s hardly a thing that you do, see or hear that hasn’t been affected in one way or another by the legal system. And when you consider that English law continues to be the first choice for international business, and the basis for the legal systems of many countries across the globe, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.


You can see the variety of opportunities that a legal qualification can bring if you simply look at the mixture of ULaw’s alumni: from Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan or Mariam Munang, who works at the United Nations in New York, to Caroline Kenny, legal counsel for Facebook, or Rachel Wang, the entrepreneurial founder and CEO of Chocolate Films. A legal qualification carries with it a distinction and reputation of excellence because it immediately demonstrates that you have the skills and abilities required to grasp complex concepts and handle a whole range of problems. These skills are invaluable in the modern working world, no matter what area you want to work in. And with the increasing expansion of the digital age, the law is going to present even more opportunities as new and exciting possibilities reveal themselves. The big talk of 2018 is Tech Law and Social Media Law; growth areas where the need for a legal perspective is going to only increase over time.


Studying law is a great investment for your future, but only if you’re learning from highly skilled and reputable practitioners, like the tutors who teach at The University of Law. All of the postgraduate tutors working at ULaw’s ten campuses across the country are qualified solicitors, barristers or judges, and many of them continue to practise, ensuring that the most up-to-date and relevant insights are available to the students. Getting that commercial awareness first-hand can give you a huge advantage when it comes to figuring out how you can make your postgraduate education work for you and move you that step closer to your ambitions.


Nowadays, to really get ahead and achieve your aspirations, it takes more than a qualification. You need to come equipped with a robust set of transferable skills and experiences, and a solid understanding of how to implement these assets in the working world. But don’t be daunted by this. While you’re studying your postgrad you can also get some real-world experience by working on pro bono cases under the direction of qualified practising lawyers. With the great support you can get from university departments like ULaw’s Careers and Employability Service and their award-winning pro bono services team, you’ll get to build up a great looking CV, gain loads of experience and start getting connected with experienced lawyers working in a variety of firms across the country.


Whether your long-term ambitions are to be a solicitor or barrister, a business entrepreneur or a political leader, you can’t go far wrong with a postgraduate legal qualification.




To find out more about postgraduate legal courses and how you can set yourself up for success, check out The University of Law’s website.

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